McCrae & Associates was founded by a Service
Disabled Veteran who felt the demand for a
common-sense approach to obtaining information
security without compromising functionality.  Our
team of professionals  have years of public and
private sector experience, and our goal is to
greatly exceed the expectation of our clients.
Our IT Security Solutions encompass the three
critical control elements of secure computing:
Management, Operational and Technical Controls.

We assess your IT environment using the most
comprehensive industry methodologies (i.e.
FISCAM, NIST-Self Assessment and COBiT) and
vulnerability/penetration tools. Our team of
professionals include IT auditors, former
information security officers and
vulnerability/penetration experts. They possess a
wide array of industry certifications such as CISA,

n IT security assessment only adds value if
measures are taken to address the findings of the
. This is what separates McCrae &
Associates from its competition. We not only
assess your control environment but
we deliver
Our Mission
The mission of McCrae &
Associates is to be
recognized as a leader in
delivering quality products
and services to our clients,
and to significantly exceed
the expectations of our
  Our professionalism and expertise will help save
you time — and money.

  We'll work with you to develop the best IT Security
strategy and solutions for your company, no matter
how large or small.

   We're here to answer your questions anytime.

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