Our IT Security Solutions encompass the three critical
control elements of secure computing: Management,
Operational and Technical Controls.

We assess your IT environment using the most
comprehensive industry methodologies (i.e. FISMA
Ciruclars, and COBiT) and vulnerability/penetration
tools. Our team of professionals include IT auditors,
former information system security officers and
vulnerability/penetration experts. They possess a wide
array of industry certifications such as CISA, CISM,
and CISSP.

An assessment is only good if follow-up action is taken
afterwards to address the findings. This is what
separates McCrae & Associates from its competition.
We not only assess your control environment but can
help implement cost effective and satisfactory
solutions. Areas addressed by our assessment and
implementation services include:

Management Control Services
•        Risk Management
•        System Development Life Cycle
•        Security Program Plan Implementation
•        Self Assessments
•        Certification and Accreditation/IT Audits
•        Contingency Planning

Operational Control Services
•        Personnel Security
•        IT Security Training
•        Contingency Planning
•        Hardware and Software Maintenance
•        Documentation Controls
•        Physical Security Controls
•        Forensic/Incident Response Capability
•        Physical Access Controls

Technical Controls Services
•        Identification and Authentication
•        Logical Access Controls
•        Audit Trail Controls
•        Vulnerability Assessments
•        Penetration Testing
•        Intrusion Detection
Our Mission
The mission of McCrae &
Associates is to be
recognized as a leader in
delivering quality products
and services to our clients,
and to significantly exceed
the expectations of our

IT Security Solutions and
McCrae & Associates
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